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Everyone can sing! Whether you want to sing professionally or just for fun, Besra Alaca can help you sing better. She provides a natural, healthy and enjoyable approach to singing. Lessons are available for all ages and levels of experience. Lessons are provided in Turkish, German and English. If you are in the Istanbul area and wish to take lessons, please contact Ms. Alaca at the following address:

For more information:

Comments From Besra Alaca's Students

"Vor sechs Monaten hatte ich noch keine Stimme. Letzte Woche sang ich in einem Musical einen Solo-Song auf der Bühne. In ihrem Gesamgsunterricht mit Entspannungs-, Lockerungs- und abwechslungsreichen Gesangsübungen hat Besra mit mir meine Stimme entdeckt und erweitert. Es hat mich fasziniert. Sie hat mir Selbstvertrauen in meine Stimme und somit Freude am Singen gegeben. Vielen Dank!"

--Elke Sandler

"In other singing classes I've taken I have sung different songs but haven't improved my voice. Besra immediatly recognized what my weaknesses were and helped me work to overcome them. I'm very happy with the improvements I've made while I've been studying with her. Not only is Besra a great teacher, she is also a very positive person and wonderful to work with."

--Tamia Lum

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